The Bollywood Remake Of 'Chinatown'

Episode 49,  Nov 09, 2018, 08:28 PM

The co-host of Bollywood Is For Lovers podcast, Matt Bowes, joins Shah Shahid to compare the legendary Hollywood movie Chinatown, to its (apparent) Bollywood remake, Manorama Six Feet. We discuss how the remake modifies the pre-Los Angeles landscape into rural Indian setting while trying to maintain the essence of the original screenplay. Also Hindi to English linguistics, for some reason.


Shah confesses a dark secret to Matt about Chinatown.

Check out the Split Screen Podcast episode featuring Erin, comparing the remake of Parinda in Episode 14.

Matt shares the inner workings of his Podcast, Bollywood Is For Lovers, and the challenges & benefits of working with your significant other, and who does what on his show.

Matt explains why they are so adamant about legal content consumption.

Matt & Shah discuss the legitimacy of modifying cultural references when subtitling Indian movies.

Shah tries to explain to Matt why South Asians on a majority, aren’t fans of Farah Khan movies.

The Om Shanti Om was episode 42 of the Split Screen Podcast with KayFil.

Matt & Shah veer off the rails to gush about their love of Dune. Potential future podcast episode maybe?

Matt synopsizes Chinatown while staying away from the Roman Polanski controversy.

Matt & Shah compare the changes made from Chinatown to Manorama Six Feet Under.

A discussion on how Abhay Deol is not the typical star-kid and is a more well rounded and underrated actor.

Episode 10 of the Split Screen Podcast compared the Emma movie to the Bollywood Aisha.

How does the scandalous ending of both Chinatown compare to the adapted version in Manorama Six Feet Under?

Wanna know what Nawazuddin Siddiqui has to do with Manorama Six Feet Under? Find out near the end of this episode.

Matt & Shah fan-cast a bigger budget Bollywood remake of Chinatown with bigger stars and directors.


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