UNESCO, EMPOWER and Partners Launch Labour Market assessment in Juba

Nov 14, 2018, 11:50 AM

A labour market assessment is being launched in Juba today.

The assessment gives a better understanding of the importance of vocational training especially among the youth of South Sudan.

The assessment is a joint collaboration between the UN Education and Scientific project - UNESCO, the Ministry of labour and the EMPOWER project – which is a consortium of NGOs supporting vocational education and training.

Speaking on the Miraya Breakfast show, Craig Dean, the coordinator of the EMPOWER project said the ultimate objective of the assessment is to match responses and vocational opportunities to the needs of communities.

“What we did was conduct survey throughout South Sudan and the communities to see what the community and economic needs are. What we found was that a lot of skill provision and education training provision is not labour market responsive," said Craig.

He added; "For example, if you teach tailoring in a community where there is a lot of fish markets there is a mismatch. So they need to really match what the community needs are to ensure young people have the jobs they need.”