Good Will Hunting

Nov 14, 02:26 PM

A riveting film with unbelievable performances? Or, a forced drama with a comedian and two bad Boston accents? We feud, you decide!

On this week's feud, the guys go head to head over Good Will Hunting. Vidur feels this is the best "therapist" movie of all time, barring one (re: Basic Instinct), while Vikram thinks Damon and Affleck's performances feel like they're "acting" like they're from Boston. They try to find some common ground over their favourite funnyman Robin William's performance, but obviously fail to do so. They discuss Vidur's love for math, which seemingly comes from Damon's emotional performance of a genius in this movie. And then Vikram tries to make Vidur cry by incessantly repeating "It's not your fault Vidur". Hint: It doesn't work. 

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