Tricentennial Edition

Episode 300,   Nov 15, 2018, 12:00 PM

In this week’s episode, Alabama officially decides we the people didn't apply to them anyway, Pakistan dispels exactly zero Muslim stereotypes, and we’ll celebrate our 300th episode by kicking a Persian down a well.

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Alabama approves ballot measure to put Ten Commandments monuments on public property:

Losing assed Loser Kim Davis to pursue a Christian ministry:

Asia Bibi released and looking for asylum before she gets murdered by an angry mob:

Matthew Whitaker thinks judges need “Biblical view” of justice:

“Ex-gay” therapist who promotes conversion therapy found on gay dating apps:

Parents form prayer circle over gay stage kiss in Shakespeare play for high schoolers:

Vatican halts planned US vote on sex-abuse prevention measures: and

P-Robes to non-profit leader: Pray with volunteers whether they like it or not:

Trump admin finalizes rules limiting women’s access to birth control: