Croydon's Cupid by Charlotte Anne Leonard

Episode 6,   Nov 20, 2018, 07:44 PM

A Southern train speeds into London, packed with morning commuters. Heads stuck in books, people lost in day dreams gazing out of windows and eyes glued to phones.  A chance glance, a missed opportunity, will fate step in? 

Croydon's Cupid is written by Charlotte Anne Leonard and read by Florence O'Mahony who is artistic director and a principal artist at Zoo Co Theatre.

About the author

Charlotte Anne Leonard wears many different hats. She is fundraiser for an international development charity but she also loves to write. She sometimes tries to write emotional stories to tug at peoples heartstrings but then she forgets about that and just tries to make people laugh...sometimes she's successful. She also loves to act and is a spinning and Zumba addict. All in all, these things manage to keep her out of trouble (occasionally).

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