Dr. Jennifer Fraser, Author of "Teaching Bullies: Zero Tolerance on the Court or in the Classroom"

Nov 26, 2018, 05:00 PM

CONTENT WARNING: This episode includes discussion about harassment and suicide

“Kids don’t have money so no-one is going to invest in protecting them unless we advocate for them.”

Dr. Jennifer Fraser is renowned for her work in calling to action those participating in the fight against child abuse, specifically that done by teachers and coaches. In this powerful talk, Dr. Fraser discusses the tendency of major sports organizations to protect abusers as opposed to the victims, implementations of anonymous reporting systems, and the need for a mass change in a system that has been allowing the denial of abuse for decades. As well, Dr. Fraser presents reasoning for the ‘under the rug’ approach to abuse, and different ways to solve this epidemic

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Book: Teaching Bullies: Zero Tolerance on the Court or in the Classroom




Table of Contents

00:39 - Guest Intro

01:22 - Personal Youth Sports Experience

02:35 - Current Projects

04:48 - Writing "Teaching Bullies: Zero Tolerance on the Court or in the Classroom"

07:48 - Abuse in Sport

10:50 - Changes in the Government

17:20 - The Cycle

20:40 - Dr. Fraser's Modules

21:55 - Reporting Abuse

29:40 - Creating a Moment

31:00 - International Students

33:40 - Coaches Perspective

38:30 - Top 3 Characteristics of Great Coaches

41:28 - Top 3 Issues Facing Youth Sports Today

49:50 - Ensuring Kids Love the Game

50:25 - Resources for Coaches and Parents

53:32 - #1 Tip for Coaches just Starting Out

55:40 - Future Projects