Road Tripping in Ladakh

Season 1, Episode 2,  Nov 22, 2018, 01:01 PM

Welcome to the second episode of the Mark and Embark Podcast by ScoutMyTrip. The host for this season is the co-founder - Vineet Rajan.

This episode looks at the recommended itinerary for Ladakh which is longish and 19 days in all starting from Delhi and ending there. With the in-house expertise of Neeraj Sinha (Yayawar) we've made this route which includes places which are off most the road trip maps of Ladakh.

You can look at reducing this to 12 odd days by removing some of the places.

*Links mentioned on the podcast for further reading. *

List of all places in order. For complete itinerary check the route map that is shared further below. 

List of all passes in Ladakh (Wikipedia). Please sort this by state and you will get all of it.

Some recommended hotels

Sonamarg: Hotel Tranquil Retreat

Kargil: Hotel Zozila Residency

Leh: Hotel Grand Dragon

Manali: Hotel Orchid Greens

Getting Inner Line Permits before your Ladakh Trip requires you to send across your documents to a verified travel agent in Leh who does the paper work for you. This is usually more expensive but can save you an hour or so and highly advisable if you are heading to Karzok first instead of Leh. The ScoutMyTrip help you with your ILPs, so hit us up anywhere online and we'll have you going!

Since we have mentioned the route map a few times for Ladakh, here you go! Route Map for Ladakh planned on ScoutMyTrip.

The map can be customized and saved to your profile. So feel free to reduce or increase the duration using our DIY road trip planner which is free to use.

The discussion on Ladakh itineraries is endless and there is no way to say which one is the best. This is what we would recommend; but there could always be another thought to this. But the one thing we would NEVER recommend would be fly to Leh and start running around without acclimatization - that is a recipe for disaster. Stay away from all the 5-6 day itineraries which tour operators will be selling.

If you would want us to plan the trip for you, check out our pricing for road trip planning services.

You could also just pick our curated road trip package for Ladakh off the shelf.

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