Driving In A Convoy Basics

Nov 27, 2018, 02:09 AM

Welcome to the third episode of the Mark and Embark Podcast by ScoutMyTrip. The host for this season is the co-founder - Vineet Rajan.

In this episode we will go into convoy driving techniques from experience. This is more suited for car convoys compared to biking ones which we will talk about in another episode.

The episode is split into three parts

  • Preparing for the convoy drive and briefing before the drive
  • Convoy Driving Techniques
  • Stopping techniques so everyone is always together

If you would want to read about this you can also check out our community forum post about convoy driving techniques by Neeraj Sinha.

We have spoken about tailgating in the podcast, where I have mentioned the 3 second rule. I learned from my friend Shakti Sarangi and you can also read up more about this here.

I have mentioned about creating route maps for the drive, where in ScoutMyTrip allows 25 points on a single map compared to 10 that Google offers. To start doing that you'll need to head to the road trip planner and simply enter and start and end locations.

There is more you can do on the planner, and I would request you to check out our video tutorials.

If you would want us to plan the trip for you, check out our pricing for road trip planning services or simply pick a curated road trip package that you and your friends can enjoy!

If you want to enjoy the thrill of convoy driving head over to the Road Trippers Club

Picture credit: Vijay Tiwari of RTCNasik