USA - The Scorecard Killer

Jul 01, 2018, 11:00 PM

Despite its beaches and boardwalks, there was also a dark side to Southern California in the 1970’s: it wasn’t all roller skates and ice creams – it was a killing field.

Some of the most heinous, sadistic crimes ever committed against young men aged 13 to 35 in Southern California in the 1970’s was committed by a man called Randy Steven Kraft

On his arrest, police found a notebook with an encoded list. It looked like codes with random place names, numbers or initials: “Wilmington”, “Skates”, “Marine Head BP”… In total, there were 61 cryptic phrases or words on the list.

Police knew the list was significant. It looked like it was a list of Kraft’s victims. The list was soon dubbed: The Scorecard, which gave Kraft his nickname: The Scorecard Killer.

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