Larry, Curly, and Moses Edition

Dec 06, 2018, 12:00 PM

In this week’s episode, we arm ourselves for the War on Christmas, we learn that Barron Trump was conceived while Melania was laying down under a sex-doll of Donald like a handmaid, and Biblepiece Theater will be here to remind you that there are still sixty-five books left in this damn thing.

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Atheists and Theocrats locked in battle over courthouse decorations:

The War on Christmas is Over. Christmas Lost.

India’s Interfaith Couples Now Have Help to Avoid the Wrath of Family Members:

Hijabs and Yarmulkes Will Be Allowed in Congress, But What About Colanders?

Catholic church: “Oh THESE rapists”

Trump announced as savior of Christmas and Melania reveals terrifying decorations:

This Week in Misogyny:

5 years in jail for a revealing dress

OK Legislator Files Bill to Put Women in Jail for Life if They Have an Abortion

Judge Throws Out Charges Against Doctor Who Mutilated Genitalia of 100 Girls: