Gordon MacLelland, Founder and CEO, Working with Parents in Sport

Dec 10, 2018, 05:00 PM

“We all know that organized chaos tends to lead to the best coaching sessions"

You can’t blame parents for being excited to go watch their kids play sports. Instead of “dealing” with parents, Gordon MacLelland, founder of Working With Parents in Sport and Author of the Sporting Do’s and Don’t handbook for parents, engages and involves parents in the athletics process to ensure success for the teams he works with. In this heartwarming talk, Gordon discusses proactive communication with parents and the importance of organized chaos.

Gordon is also a Fan Fave Replay for our Winter 2018 Youth Sports Summit

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Table of Contents 

0:42 - Guest Intro 

1:15 - Gordon's Background

5:17 - Working With Parents in Sport

12:14 - Gordon's Kids

14:09 - Networking

15:43 - Engage, Gordons Newest Pocketbook

22:40 - Why do Parents Become so Involved?

25:25 - What Would He do Differently if He could go Back to the Beginning of His Coaching Career

29:26 - Ownership

34:07 - Officials

41:18 - Top 3 Issues in Youth Sport

46:40 - E-Gaming

49:40 - Competition

50:56 - Resources 

54:40 - #1 Tip for Coaches to Shave 5 Years Off Their Learning Curve