Hosting Horror with Joe Bob Briggs

Dec 10, 2018, 03:05 AM

The Horror Movie genre, like any other genre of cinema, has its classics and its forgotten, its masterpieces, and its failures. But while the highbrow, serious films enjoy praise or at least critical analysis from the intellectual set, lowbrow horror offerings are often ignored by the academic-minded critics and in many cases even despised. Not so from our guest tonight, pop-culture icon, author, performer, and movie reviewer, Joe Bob Briggs. Joe Bob (John Irving Bloom) has made a name and a storied career for himself, starting first as a newspaper journalist and then finding himself adopting the persona of "Joe Bob Briggs." Joe Bob is a Texas "good ol' boy" who watches B-grade (and much lower) horror movies with you and as your "Horror Host," has a lot of funny and thought-provoking things to say about them, as well as commenting on what they reveal about our culture. What Joe Bob has taught us, is that watching even the most schlocky of shock cinema doesn't have to be a guilty pleasure, because even films below the grade of A can also reflect who we are as a society, and like it or not, have their place. Joe Bob Briggs is the movie critic for the rest of us.

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