Measuring and evaluating the effects of hosting major events

Dec 13, 2018, 04:42 PM
  • Is it possible to create a common language for measuring the impact of events?
  • What kind of effects should be measured and how?
  • Which of impacts are the most challenging to measure and how can this be overcome?
  • Can local benefits be considered alongside more global concerns?
  • Can hosting events create happier, healthier citizens?

  • Frank Leenders, Director General, FIBA Media and Marketing Services
  • Rebecca Edser, Senior Major Events Consultant, UK Sport
  • Georg Spazier, CEO, innsbruck-tirol sports
  • Asahi Takano, Partner, Portas Consulting
  • Moderator: Iain Edmondson, Director: Legacy Delivery Ltd; International Association of Event Hosts