How to Disguise Drills - With Sport Development Professional Darren Wensor

Jan 14, 05:00 PM

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“I think we’re too often rushing kids past the fundamentals and that leaves them with a faulty foundation”

Darren Wensor resides in Sydney Australia. Growing up, Darren participated in Little Athletics, a modified track and field program for kids age 5-15. Darren earned his degree in physical athletics and English, and today he works with Little Athletics! As an educator of 28 years, Darren travels all over Australia to teach coach and athlete development. He says, “I love making people better at helping other people”. Darren posts regularly on his blog and social media with demonstrations of drills for improving athleticism, especially for track and field events. He is all about making sports fun for kids, and “disguising drills”. Some of the key concepts you will learn from Darren during his talk are the Youth Physical Development Model, the FTEM Model (Foundation, Talent, Elite, Mastery), how to make drills fun, and other great tips! 

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Table of Contents 

1:05 – Guest Intro 

2:52 – Youth Sports Growing Up 

8:10 – Getting into Coaching 

14:53 – A Typical Day for Darren 

19:14 – Top 3 Characteristics of Great Coaches 

 22:57– LTAD in Australia 

29:20 – Cost of Sport in Australia 

30:13 – Youth Sports Attrition Rates 

38:05 – Drills 

39:40 – Engaging Parents 

44:17 – What can we do so kids love the game more at the end of the season than they did at the beginning 

55:20 – Resources 

58:36 - #1 Tip: to help new coaches shave 5 years off their learning curves