Driving in Indian Highway Conditions

Dec 21, 2018, 05:38 PM
Welcome to the fifth episode of the Mark and Embark Podcast by ScoutMyTrip. The host for this season is the co-founder - Vineet Rajan. 

In this episode we will talk about driving more safely and effectively on Indian highways. The reason why we felt this episode is important is because of too many variables like not just average roads, but even people, cattle and just plain bad driving. 

Summarizing all the points discussed in the podcast. I would advise you to listen to the podcast to know about each of these in detail. 

  •  Timings
  •  Lanes
  •  Using indicators
  •  Sleeping and rest
  •  Of dusk and dawn
  •  Speed limits
  •  Wrong side traffic / road cutters
  •  Unmarked speed breakers
  •  Using engine braking
  •  Tunnels 
  •  Animals and people on the road
  •  Using rear view mirrors
  •  Stopping vehicles
  •  Road rage and racing
I am sure, you would feel I have missed out on many points. In fact, I have indeed miss out on lots. This episode is primarily for highway driving - national, state and village roads. 

The subsequent episodes will cover the following:

1. Driving on mountain roads
 2. Road trip vehicle check list
 3. Road trip packing check list
 4. Driving in the monsoons
 5. Handling breakdowns on a road trip
 6. Safe night driving

If there's something else you would want me to also cover, do give us a shout out on social media or wherever you subscribe to podcasts.

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