you probably dont have depression .aka. How to Cheer yourself up on a Stormy Day

Dec 27, 2018, 11:55 AM

You probably don’t have depression aka (How to cheer yourself up on a Stormy Day)

You don’t chew a gummy in your mouth for no reason Or gobble ice-cream late at night when it’s not summer season Some people like to have their gardens trimmed But I prefer to imagine an evil twin

You know a little too much about the D (depression) word In the morning too unmotivated to be choosing T-shirts Sometimes you wondering If life is always this boring We know there’s hope in you and you’re gonna find a cure

Oh oh maybe the devil has possessed you
Oh or perhaps existential crisis is too true
If you feel like you want some hot chocolate If you get annoyed when someone calls you nerd Close your eyes and surmise think you’re in luck my friend Cuz you probably don’t have depression (you’re just uninspired and insecure)

Black is your favourite colour it’s the coolest And your MCR album collection is enormous If weird haircuts and dark eyeshadows are your normal thing And bring me to life is your handphone ring

You walk around like you’re out of place
People say you might have resting bitch face Sometimes the awkwardness just makes it obvious I know this happens 90% of the time

Oh oh maybe you are dead inside Oh or you can take my advice If you know that you love every weird CP And you desktops is full of anime links Close your eyes and surmise think you’re in luck my friend Cuz you probably don’t have depression (you’re just introverted and a weeb)

You do all these things but you think you’re still depressed You could see a doctor or just get some rest
Fear it or conquer it you roll the dice When you’re taking my advice

But if you feel like you’re not the party type Or that Christmas and New Year doesn’t get you all that hyped You dance to your rhyme and realise that you’re different You are one of a kind my friend

If your notebook is also a sketch pad There’s no gothic poem that you haven’t read Open your eyes and relish cuz you’re in luck my friend Cuz you’re following your own trend You probably don’t have to deal with depression

PS. This is inspired by How To Tell if a girl is Gay by Ally Hills

Explaining things from last post 1. sorry for saying the title of the book wrongly ( I was a bit tongue-tied somehow), as written in the title, the book is 《巧克力战争》。撼动宇宙的男孩is the title of my review.

  1. The cover I chose is that of the movie adapted from the book. I’ve enjoyed it, it’s quite faithful to the source material. Check out the book and movie if you like!

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