The Reset Rebel meets - DAVID SYE TO TALK New years

Dec 28, 2018, 08:37 AM

It is THAT time of year.....a time of RefLECTION.

You know, the one where we move into a space where we ReEvaluate our year gone by and figure out what nest for us and how we are going to make some big changes and get focussed.

It's also around about now usually when we realise the levels of the festivities have taken their toll and we start planning and plotting our Witness the Fitness campaign, with draconian measures like DRY JANUARIES,  no carbs, coffee, wheat or sugar on the menu and head into our abstinence Phase as we try to get our skinny jeans back on. 

So we invited the chief celebrator of life,  Yoga Beats creator and founder, Mr David Sye back on, to get a little perspective in his usual rebellious yoga ways about what we should really be doing in 2019 and the way we should treat ourselves.

We asked him what his REsolutions are and how we can choose better what we wish for ourselves and and get clear on how our year ahead should look. You might not like what he has to say and you may definitely need some potty mouth ear plugs!!

Join Jo Youle this week as she want to meet David on Boxing Day at SOHO's FAMOUS coffee and after hours establishment, Bar ITALIA. 

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