The Matrix

Jan 09, 04:52 PM

A pathbreaking movie that redefined the action genre? Or, a mindless CGI fest that should have been a video game? We feud, you decide!

This week, the guys feud everyone’s favourite movie from 1999 - The Matrix. Everyone except Vikram that is. Vidur begins with a 1 minute soliloquy about his love for this movie, which is rudely interrupted by Vikram, who can't get over Keanu Reeves' stone face acting. Vidur goes on to talk about the deep seated meaning of this movie, linking Neo to Jesus, much to the chagrin of Vikram. The feud gets heated when Vikram brings up the inexplicable ending, while Vidur digs deeper with what this movie is actually trying to portray (there was some talk about Socrates in there).

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