#18: Emma Gunavardhana: The Emma Guns Show - Creating a successful podcast

Jan 10, 2019, 11:27 PM

In today's episode I had the total pleasure of speaking with Emma Gunavardhana - podcaster, writer, brand consultant and all round lovely person. We spoke about about all things podcast related - the reason why Emma started the podcast, how the podcast - as she put it - saved her life, after starting it almost 3 years ago at a tough time.  We talked about Emma's wish to share the stories of all the hard working, fun and  inspiring people she worked with - initially starting with brand consultants- whose stories and contribution were often not recognised to the extent that Emma felt they deserved.  Emma has had a huge range of people on her show, which is a tribute to her consistency and hard work.  I hope you enjoy the podcast and find it useful - lots of useful information in here for people wanting to know how to make a podcast or creative project successful - consistency being key!

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