Season 2, Episode 5,  Jan 14, 2019, 04:00 AM

In this episode, Stevie Mackenzie-Smith and Ana Kinsella talk about folk and what it means to dress with one eye on where you’re from: Quintessentially British Laura Ashley, so-called ‘sailor pants’ and regional dress. Plus, as always, endless eBay hunts.

And we meet Alannah Eileen, a photographer from Orkney, about the importance of community, rural fashion and what happens to your style when you move to the big city. 

You can see Alannah’s work on her Instagram and her website Find out more about Teran at

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Music: E's Jammy Jams - Arabian Sand (via YouTube Music Library), Kevin MacLeod - Hard Boiled, Aaron Liebermann - Gypsy Stroll (via YouTube Music Library)

Produced by Lucy Dearlove