S01E02 – Alex Wood

Jan 15, 2019, 08:00 AM
Award-winning editor and broadcaster, Alex Wood, joins Brendon and Zoe in the studio to reveal how a tutor changed his life by sending him on his true path as a reporter, while studying in Japan; the entrepreneurial drive that led to him founding The Memo- acquired by Forbes Media last year – and what’s next for him as Europe Editor for Forbes. 
Alex is a visiting lecturer at London City and advises that budding journalists spend more time listening and researching and less time broadcasting on social; you’ll hear how Alex overcame his smartphone addiction through posture theory and boundary setting, and why the PR industry is critical, when relevancy is made the priority.
Alex is passionate about the power of a considered, insightful point of view and shares his insights on why founders and spokespeople should worry less about product launches and business milestones and instead tap into their unique experiences and knowledge when it comes to building a name.