Adam Gase press conference, Antonio Brown marketing, future of Kyler Murray, Eagles QB future, and more...

Episode 668,  Jan 15, 2019, 01:35 PM

Dane Martinez and Scott Engel open the show looking Adam Gase's first press conference as Jets head coach, with the collective thought that to the say the least, it was weird. Dane brings up how Antonio Brown has scrubbed all of his social media accounts of any Steelers paraphernalia and that apparently, he wants to play for the 49ers, with Scott saying a move to get Brown would make the Steelers much more relevant. The idea that Kyler Murray will declare for the NFL draft has Dane and Scott wondering if Murray is better suited for football or baseball, with Scott saying Murray has stated he loves football first and will probably be in the NFL draft, even though he is on the smaller side. Dane says the Eagles franchise QB is Carson Wentz, and they have "squeezed all the juice" out of the Nick Foles magic, but Scott says if he was a GM, he would keep Nick Foles, and see about the trade market for Wentz. The argument of Foles or Wentz comes down to Dane wanting the younger and more talented Wentz, and Scott wanting the pedigree and chemistry building with Foles. 

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