Jan 16, 06:26 PM

A one-of-a-kind intelligent thriller or a predictable gimmicky Hitchcock rip-off? They feud, you decide! 

On this week's feud, Vidur and Vikram debate a “homegrown” top rated movie, 2018’s bollywood phenomenon - Andhadhun. Vidur refuses to be blinded by the hype around this new entrant to the IMDB top 250 while all Vikram can see is that it 100% on Rotten Tomatoes. After they get the blind puns over with and a brief discussion about whether its the year od Radhika Apte, Vidur brings up various movies and directors that did it better, including Andhadhun’s director Sriram Raghavan himself in his previous work, the Coen brothers and Woody Allen.

Things heat up when Vikram can’t take it anymore and begins revering the most famous sequence from the movie, calling it jaw dropping. Vidur puts on his technical hat and starts complaining about camera angles and blocking. By the time they get around to discussing theories about the ending, Vidur is shaking his head and refusing to listen.

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