The Spotlight with United Nations Volunteer Alfonso Pagaza

Jan 18, 11:40 AM

[…] "Being able to give a little bit of my time and energy to a noble cause is definitely something worth doing even when conditions are tough."

That is the opinion of United Nations Volunteer Mr. Alfonso Pagaza working as an Analysis and Reporting Officer RRP - UNMISS. He is one of the more than 500 volunteers serving with the United Nations Mission in South Sudan - UNMISS.

Born in Mexico, raised in the United States of America - USA, Alfonso took the long trek from San Antonio in Texas to South Sudan, to volunteer his academic and professional skills in South Sudan.

Alfonso has served as the Analysis and Reporting Officer, for the Relief, Reintegration and Protection Unit of the Resident Coordinator’s Office United Nations Mission in South Sudan Headquarters.

"I really take pride and joy in my work because my contributions have an impact."

Alfonso Pagaza, speaks of the opportunities volunteering gives individuals and most importantly the power of blending with the local communities. "Visiting the quick impact projects really changed my mind and patience is what you require."

On survival skill as a UN Volunteer serving in the fields Pagaza said volunteerism, "requires a lot of patience, it is not a sprint, rather it is a marathon and patience is the ability to keep going forward."

Asked whether his life has changed as a result of his volunteer experience, Pagaza said; "It's definitely changed my life, and i take pride and joy in my work because i know at the end of the day, i know that my contributions however small they may be have an impact and being able to contribute to that is a feeling i have never had."

Listen to his story of #volunteering in South Sudan here.

Spotlight is Produced by: Machrine Birungi and Presented by: Regina Gorle