"The Eagle's Eye", John's Gospel Class 3, Thames Valley churches of Christ

Jan 19, 08:54 AM

“The Eagle’s Eye”: Class 3

John Chapters 5-6

1. “Believe!”

‘pisteuo’ - 100

God: 14:1; God as the one who sent Jesus: 12:44; What the Old Testament says: 2:22; 5:46-47; Jesus as the one sent by God: 6:29; Jesus’ name: 2:23; Jesus himself: 3:18; 4:39; 10:42; 12:42, etc.; Jesus as the son of man: 9:35-38; Jesus’s miracles: 10:38; Jesus as the Messiah:11:27; 20:3; What Jesus says: 8.45-46; 14:11; The fact that Jesus is in the Father and that the Father is in Jesus: 14:10; 7:21

Faith as ‘allegiance’

John 3.36; 8.31-32

Mental affirmation

Professed fealty

Enacted loyalty

2. Digging Deeper: John 5.1-15

Bethesda’s pool and 5 Colonnades up

Luke’s geography

32 _________________

__ cities 

9 __________________

__ mistakes

3. “It is I”: John 6.16-21

From mountaintop experiences to storms of doubt

Power or presence?


“What has stood out to you from tonight?”

Read John 7-8 between now and Sunday

Discuss what you’re learning and your questions with your spouse/friends.

Ask God to reveal what aspect of Jesus he would like you to focus on through this series.

Please add your comments on this week’s topic. We learn best when we learn in community. 

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