Former Host Luke Fletcher And Performance Psychologist Matt Thompson Join Jake Ball For The Talk Of Trent Bridge Podcast

Season 2, Episode 2,   Jan 25, 2019, 06:30 AM

In the second episode of Jake Ball's Talk Of Trent Bridge podcast, the Welbeck Wizard is joined by long-serving Notts teammate, and former host, Luke Fletcher and Performance Psychologist Matt Thompson.

The two bowlers discuss why Trent Bridge "toughens bowlers up" and reminisce about their time living together in Gamston when they were junior members of the team. They discuss their transition into senior Nottinghamshire players and what they plan to do after their playing careers, as well as providing advice for up-and-coming cricketers.

Thompson discusses his role in the Notts team, touching on the importance of pyschology in delivering peak performances - from the ability to move on from errors on the pitch, to the importance of players being able to identify their strengths and weaknesses.