Canada Geese flying North for the Summer


I think one of the most spectacular sights in nature is watching a flock of Canadian Geese as they fly in their infamous "V" formation. I recorded this on March 17, 2012 a ~2:00 PM EDT as a small flock with some 35-50 birds flew from West to East about 2 Km North of our house. This was one of the smaller flocks, but I've seen "V" formations with 100's of birds, it's quite a sight. My house happens to be on one of their routes here in the Montreal region. Here is the sound they make flying over. The picture is one I took two years ago now near a provincial park very close to my house. This was a couple I think that were nesting in a swampy area of the park. #birds #CanadaGeese #flock #Geese #squaks #SignsOfSpring

Mar 17, 2012, 10:50 PM
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SassyCat - over 5 years ago

Hate these nasty birds. They are here in northern Illinois all year. They don't leave anymore. And the residents continuously feed them down by the river. Can't walk on the path for fear of attack or stepping in pooh! However I do like their animal behaviors, leaving no geese alone and they way they "cheer" each other on during flight.