Exploring: John Baptist's Preaching

Episode 45,   Feb 03, 2019, 12:27 PM

A exploratory read through of John Baptist's Preaching by John Bale.

Exploring: John Baptist’s Preaching by John Bale
UPDATED 14/12/19 - with Prologue and Epilogue
From our Exploring workshop, where we read through the text of John Bale’s biblical play, John Baptists Preaching, for future use towards an audio/stage show. Part of a surviving trilogy of plays, though more once existed or were planned, it follows Bale’s God’s Promises – recorded variously on the podcast – and The Temptation – work on which follows soon. The text can be found variously online – here is an example. https://archive.org/details/dramaticwritings00bale/page/128

The Beyond Shakespeare Irregulars this episode are Richard Fawcett, Liz Cole, Mark Holtom and Mark Scanlon; with the Prologue and Epilogue explored with Alan Scott. The host was Robert Crighton 

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