Discussing John Heywood 2

Feb 08, 2019, 07:16 PM

Discussing: John Heywood (part 2)

Host Robert Crighton discusses with Greg Walker, Professor of English at the University of Edinburgh, the playwright John Heywood and his works. In this second part we discuss his later life and writing, as well as a little more on The Play of the Weather (coming soon to this podcast). You can listen to any of the plays discussed on our John Heywood playlist - and you can also watch a production of The Play of the Weather from the Staging the Henrician Court website.  

Additional readings by Adam Thurkettle (Eagle's Bird) and Hugh Weller-Poley (Heywood's Recantation - in full at the end of the episode.)

Special Thanks to Professor Greg Walker for giving us his time to speak with us.

Produced by Robert Crighton. 

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