George Zimmerman call to police

Also embedded, with the full and continuously updated story, here: The Trayvon Martin Killing, Explained

Mar 18, 2012, 10:24 PM
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ragamufin2 - about 4 years ago

listening to zimmerman talk to police did the prosecution or anyone else catch he made the remark these assholes always get away. not good for zimmerman especially the kid gets shot after zimmerman told the police the kid was running away. also the voice screaming sounded like a kid and to me it sounded like he screamed mama twice


Rebutte90 - about 5 years ago

hilarious story


Sandyzaudioboo - over 5 years ago

Trayvon was on the phone talking with his girl friend. Come to find out Trayvon was suspicious of Zimmerman because he was following him.


IsabelS - over 5 years ago

Yo YO Yo How Y'all DOiiiiiiiiiiiiN get @ me ;)


sunshiiine - over 5 years ago

This guy killed this guy for no reason....listen 2 the tape, he said the boy was running away. Also why couldnt Zimmerman giva a location where he was? Its because when he got off that phone with the cops he went and chased that boy and killed him, and i believe that baby tried 2 fight 4 his life. Power gone 2 bomebody else's head. SMH.