AYP 37: "All of that, and less besides."

Season 3, Episode 1,  Feb 16, 2019, 02:04 PM

Festival Fest 2018 is HERE, in the Year of Our Lord 2019.  We apologise for the delay, having recorded these next four episodes in June last year, and the Greyhound pub in Hartshill.  In the wake of Safe As Milk Festival's cancellation in 2017, we elected to meet up and make our OWN damn festival!  For this we welcome back regular festival co-conspirators Matt Tyrer and Gordon Kochane.

For the next four weeks, each of us will bring one act to recommend for Festival Fest 2018, and we will then vote on our favourite.   In the first round of picks, John brings Covet & Yvette Young to the table, Mike lays out Featherweights for our perusal, Gordon delivers a presentation on Eurodance, and Matt rides in on The Mountain Goats.  Who will win? You DO NOT decide!

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