Feb 20, 03:54 PM

A story falling apart at the seams? Or, Nolan's beautifully thought out masterpiece that defies time? We feud, you decide!

On this week's episode, the boys are feuding Christopher Nolan's Inception. Straight out of the gate, both of them profess their love for Nolan, which bites Vikram in the ass once he gets tails. But like a true feuder, he picks apart the movie, specifically the plot holes, which Vidur tries his best to help Vikram understand. That is followed by the worst rendition of Je Ne Regrette Rien (the song in the movie guys), which Vikram absolutely decimates. They finally discuss how Vikram feels Vidur has been "incepted" that this is a good movie and before Vikram can jump into another balling take on the song, Vidur decides to call it a day. 

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