AYP 38: "Misanthropop"

Season 3, Episode 2,  Feb 23, 2019, 11:52 PM

It's PART TWO of Festival Fest 2018!  Picking up from last week's band-off, curating a fictitious festival that not only doesn't exist but also won't happen, our plucky young pillocks have more acts to consider letting down when it gets cancelled.

THIS WEEK:  Mike recommends Chibi Tech, Gordon has a round of Italo Disco, Matt proffers Xiu Xiu, and John (buoyed from last week's Covet win) has a bunch of Doves.  Who will everyone prefer?  Ready yourself for lots of light opinions followed by one STRONG OPINION, and also whether or not Gordon's fingers and phone are pure of thought, word, and deed.

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