Sarah and the Spider Woman

Feb 24, 09:49 PM

When people see horrific apparitions of a supernatural nature, what are they really seeing and what could be causing these images to appear? Could it be that the demons and terrors some people have witnessed sometimes come from a strange symptom of a rare medical condition? This seems to have been the case with tonight's guest, Sarah, who was seeing beings and elements more associated with demonic possession, a haunting or even a psychological disorder, rather than with a physiological illness. It might seem easy to say all supernatural occurrences are nothing but a byproduct of a medical ailment, but many people have also reported seeing and interacting with horrific specters similar to what Sarah was seeing, who have no medical issues. We are left to wonder then, on a case by case basis if seeing something supernatural is from a medical cause, a spiritual cause, or perhaps a combination of both.

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