The Inimitable Saima Thompson

Mar 11, 2019, 04:00 AM

Saima Thompson, née Arshad, was one of my guests on the very first episode of Lecker back in late 2016 when I interviewed her and her mother Nabeela in their restaurant Masala Wala Cafe. 

Last year, aged just 29, Saima was diagnosed with incurable Stage 4 lung cancer. I met her again, this time to talk about living with cancer and how running a restaurant fits in with her diagnosis.

Please note that as well as discussion around cancer this episode also mentions miscarriage.

Produced and hosted by Lucy Dearlove

Saima Thompson blogs at and you can find her on Twitter and Instagram @curryandcancer.

You can listen to Lecker episode 1: Masala Wala with Saima and Nabeela here.

Masala Wala Cafe serves delicious home-cooked Pakistani food in Brockley, South East London.

Saima's Facebook support group for black, Asian and minority ethnic cancer patients can be found here

Saima recently appeared on the BBC Sounds podcast You, Me and the Big C on the episode About Cultures.

Music: Blue Dot Sessions - OneEightFour