God's Promises by John Bale - Act 5

Episode 55,   Mar 12, 2019, 10:29 AM

God's Promises by John Bale - Act 5, David

A plain text version of Act 5 of God's Promises written by protestant playwright John Bale in 1538. This act sees God talking to King David, part of a procession of prophets, before finally preparing the way for the arrival of Jesus through speaking to John the Baptist. This is a follow up to a test recording made in 2013 and incorporates elements from that session and maintaining the basic style for continuity. As a plain text version, with no music or sound effects beyond the odd filter, it's primarily here to give us - and you - an idea of what would be needed to bring the play to life. Other recordings from the play are available, and more are on the way. David is played by Heydn McCabe, God by Robert Crighton, and the narrator in Annie Eddington. 

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The text to God's Promises can be found variously online with only a few textual issues - one example can be found here