Welcome to the Scream Team

Episode 1,  Mar 20, 2019, 11:00 AM

It's Cade Floodry's first day on the job as a ghost-hunting government agent - but things aren't going to go exactly as planned.

The meteors have a story to tell...

TENDRIL: The Banshee Chronicles is written by Kaitlyn Radel and Ryan Borses.  TENDRIL is created by Kaitlyn Radel, Ryan Borses, Taylor Finneran, and Bryan Finneran.  The theme song is written by Bryan Finneran, and all additional music is written by Ryan Borses.  

  • Ryan Borses as The Narrator, QN-10, Gorgis Kiyudi, and Boosh.
  • Kaitlyn Radel as Switch and Dorsey.
  • Eric Meo as Cade Floodry and Thrush Meeblix.
  • Ta’ron Middleton as Kronist Loknu, Guard, and Sploosh.
  • Diane Meo as Admiral Deulendrahbl and Dr. Mango Symbulon.
  • And Monique Borses as Llorona and Vex Longarmo.

We want to give a huge thank our listeners, cast, friends, and family for their continued support and dedication to helping us make this audio drama podcast a reality.  TENDRIL would not be a reality without you, and we hope we can reward you by releasing episodes far into the future!

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