We've Lost the Chosen One

Nov 09, 2019, 04:01 PM

An origin story for Kronist.

This episode was created as part of International Podcast Month 2019, and we've finally brought it onto this feed, for you!

TENDRIL: The Banshee Chronicles is written by Kaitlyn Radel and Ryan Borses.  TENDRIL is created by Kaitlyn Radel, Ryan Borses, Taylor Finneran, and Bryan Finneran.  The theme song is written by Bryan Finneran, and all additional music is written by Ryan Borses.  

  • Ta’ron Middleton as Kronist Loknu.
  • Ryan Borses as Apostle 4 and Apostle 12.
  • Diane Meo as Apostle 34 and Admiral Deulendrahbl.
  • Kaitlyn Radel as the Demon.