79: The Case Against Adnan Syed Part 3: Justice Is Arbitrary

Mar 25, 02:01 AM

This episode covers part 3 of the 4-part HBO series. For our take on Part 1, go here! For our take on Part 2, go here! And stay tuned till THE VERY END of the episode to hear a preview of our interview with Rabia Chaudry. 

In part 3, Adnan’s 2016 appeal draws to a close, his family and attorneys brace for a ruling that could result in a new trial and hope for an acquittal 20 years after Hae Lee’s murder. AND GET READY FOR MIND BLOWING NEW INFORMATION TO BE PRESENTED IN REAL TIME TO JEN AND CHRISTY--INFORMATION THAT COULD COMPLETELY DESTROY THE STATE'S THEORY OF THE CASE! 

Directed by Academy Award nominee Amy Berg, "The Case Against Adnan Syed" explores the 1999 disappearance and murder of 18-year-old Baltimore County high school student Hae Min Lee, and the subsequent conviction of her ex-boyfriend, Adnan Syed, a case brought to global attention by the hugely popular "Serial" podcast.

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This Week's Palate cleanser is "Otto Titsling" from the film Beaches.