Dangers of early sport specialization, and “Elite” programs. Now bucking the trends! - David Newson

Apr 02, 04:00 PM

David Newson works with the Semiahmoo Minor Hockey Association along side a dedicated board of community leaders to enhance the minor hockey experience for the members of the Semiahmoo Hockey community. David Provides leadership and resources for a great group of coaches to facilitate a positive growth experience for players in their hockey development. As a Sledge Hockey Technical Delegate for The International Paralympic Committee, David leads technical aspects of IPC World Championships and Paralympic Winter Games. From 2008 to 2010 David Recruited, trained and led a team of 400 volunteers to execute the games as a Sport Coordinator for the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games.

Table of Contents:

0:31 – Guest intro

1:20 – Personal Youth sports experience/ growing up

3:35 – Specializing in Hockey

4:59 – “Elite kids” 

10:00 – Becoming a coach 

12:12 – 2010 Winter Olympics and Paralympics

15:40 – Multisport

24:35 – Youth Sports Attrition 

34:50 – The Cost of Youth Sports

41:50 – Engaging Parents 

47:40 – Love the game

48:57 – Resources

51.57 - #1 tip for new coaches to help them shave 5 years off their learning curve

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