Interludium de Clerico et Puella (Fragment)

Apr 05, 2019, 09:05 AM

Performance of the fragments to a lost play, with introduction

Interludium de Clerico et Puella or The Student and the Girl (Fragments)

This fragmentary play comes from around 1300, and survives as two scenes - the first where a student tries to woo a young woman (Malkyn) who rebuffs him, the second where he goes to Mome Elwis, a wise woman, to seek her aid to changing Malkyns mind. The fragments end at this point and we never discover whether Elwis does assist him, or what her plan might be - though the similarity with the earlier Dame Sirith text suggests one possible outcome, which we will cover in a future podcast. The text for this podcast has been lightly modernised rather than translated, and the best version of the original that can be found online (that we know of) can be seen here

The Student was played by Andy Barrett, Malkyn by Gillian Horgan, and Mother Elwise by Sarah Golding.   The presenter was Robert Crighton. Additional Sound effects are from and  

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