"Barcelona will rely on their 'Jon Snow' to deal with any Man Utd counter-attack"

Apr 08, 2019, 05:28 PM

Host Jake Entwistle is this week joined by Muhammad Butt, Sam Long and Will Hall to dig into Der Klassiker, look at La Liga and predict the upcoming Champions League quarter-finals.


Section One:

Bayern 5-0 Borussia Dortmund – 0:00:00-0:09:00

Bundesliga title race over?

Have Dortmund missed their chance?

Who has the hardest run-in?

Barcelona 2-0 Atletico Madrid – 0:09:30-0:24:20

Coutinho's troubles continue

Does Dembele walk straight back into the side?

Pique's importance to Barca

Juventus 2-1 AC Milan – 0:24:20-0:35:00

Moise Kean defiant

Will Ronaldo be fit for Ajax?

Can the Amsterdammers unsettle the Old Lady?

Section Two:

Champions League quarter-final previews

Liverpool vs Porto – 0:35:00-0:44:20

Spurs vs Man City – 0:44:20-0:54:00

FA Cup review – 0:54:00-0:59:45

Champions League predictions 0:01:00-1:06:00