Libby Purves - BBC Radio Oxford and Radio 4 presenter

Episode 53,   Apr 09, 2019, 07:52 PM

From early duties at BBC Radio Oxford, Libby Purves rose to be the youngest and first female presenter on Today on Radio 4 – before taking on the Midweek programme which became her home for over thirty years.

In this hour of #Radiomoments Conversations, she tells of her early carefree days, job-sharing with greats like John Timpson and Brian Redhead, and shares tales of her years on Midweek. She opens up too about her own life and how she feels about its next chapter. In her own words, this is the Libby Purves story.

Libby’s latest book, ‘That Was the Midweek that Was,’ is out now on Kindle. The whole 'Conversations' series can be found here.  Music by Larry Bryant.