Paul McKenna - Topshop, Caroline, Chiltern, Capital, Radio1

Apr 09, 09:36 PM

Few radio presenters enjoy a hugely successful career in broadcasting before going on to achieve even more in a second life. 

In this hour of #radiomoments ‘Conversations’, Paul McKenna shares his journey through radio’s most treasured posts – on to becoming an internationally renowned hypnotist, behavioural scientist TV broadcaster and best-selling author.

He tells how his curiosity of the pirates and his love of listening to Capital led to him entertaining shoppers with Radio Topshop before realising a dream onboard the offshore Radio Caroline. Then, during a spell at Chiltern, an interview was to change the course of his life.

Paul tells of his admiration for Richard Park for whom he worked at Capital in London, before being hired by Radio 1. He was to grow closer to his idols – here and in the US - and he opens up about his times with Kenny Everett.

Alongside his high-profile radio work, audiences to his theatre performances were growing too, prompting him eventually to resign from Radio 1 to pursue his second career. This has culminated in his becoming Britain's bestselling non-fiction author, having sold 3 million books in 3 years; and his TV shows and live appearances are witnessed by hundreds of millions of people in 42 countries. Nevertheless, as is clear in this hour, his shameless and humble anorak love for radio endures.

In his own words, this is the Paul McKenna story.

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