Iron Man

Apr 10, 01:03 PM

Muncher Movies’ road to Avengers endgame is a series of film feuds of the most important iconic MCU movies 

It of course begins with the movie that kicked it all off - Iron Man (2008)

A genre-defining origin story? Or a false start for the MCU? They feud, you decide!

On this episode, Vidur and Vikram revisit Iron Man. They approach the coin toss with apprehension, since both of them are MCU superfans and neither of them have seen Iron Man in a couple of years. Vidur enjoys the rewatch so much he comes out repulsors blazing, prepared with a fully scripted ode to the most popular cinematic superhero of our times. Despite being on the opposite side, Vikram has to give it up for Vidur’s songwriting and singing skills. The feud quickly heats up when the discussion steers to whether the MCU would have been born without the success of Iron Man. 

If you are as hyped as the boys in the weeks leading to Avengers Endgame, do check out the episode and the ones that follow in the Road To Endgame series.

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