Table For One: Soup

Apr 18, 2019, 04:00 AM

Hello! This is a bonus episode of Lecker from me, a slightly hoarse Lucy Dearlove. This is a very short piece, produced for Table For One, an audio installation I produced during a recent residency at this year's HearSay Audio Arts Festival in beautiful Kilfinane, Ireland. 

There are four stories in total, each one a different tale of eating alone, which visitors to the installation listened to while seated at a specially dressed table for one in the main square of the town. Everyone who shared their story with me has been left anonymous and is only identified by the food they eat alone.

I spoke to more people while working on this project but didn't have space for all the stories I collected - I'm hoping to continue it in some way though. If anyone listening has a story about eating alone that they'd love to share then please do get in touch!

Normal Lecker service will be resumed with a brand new episode next week.

With thanks to Diarmuid, Mary, Daniel, Tereza and all of the HearSay Festival team, and to all of the solo diners too <3