(Minisode #1): 420 Blaze It Foo

Apr 21, 2019, 02:00 AM

Chris and Angel are really high in this one.

Hey y'all this is Angel writing the description right now. It's currently 6:50pm on 4/20 and I am stoned as fuck and about to clock into work. Oops. Chris was like, "write something funny like I always do" and I was like oh no this is a lot of pressure so I'm just gonna write this really dumb high stream of consciousness description and he's probably gonna hate it but guess what? OH WELL. Cuz I'm the one writing THIS one! Anyways, the boys are back in town and get high and talk about how the fucking GOVERNMENT should let foos smoke weed if they want and leave us ALOOOONE. Anyways, I gotta go walk around and stuff so ENJOY THE SHOW, FOOS.

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