The Patterson-Gimlin Film Part 2

Apr 21, 2019, 03:46 AM
What if you had spent years searching for something elusive, something you believe existed that most didn't, and then one day you finally happened to capture it on film? What would be your immediate next steps if you wanted to present it to the world? In the days before instant media uploads to the internet, where would you take the film and who would you show it to first if you wanted to be taken seriously? Roger Patterson had thought he and Bob Gimlin had captured irrefutable proof of Bigfoot, next to bringing the beast itself out of the woods. Little could he realize that every action and claim going forward from that moment of filming would be analyzed and criticized for the rest of his life, in addition to his integrity. Whether out to prove authenticity or a perpetrate a hoax, in either case, the reaction to the film was predictable. From the few scientists who bothered to look, to the curious public, some believed, some scoffed, some didn't know what to think. What we know now from Patterson and Gimlin's story, is that indirect evidence is not enough for most, you need to produce a body, but even then there are those who will refuse to believe. What we also know is that for Patterson, and in turn Gimlin, providing this film as evidence turned out to be much more trouble than a benefit and much more than they bargained for. Realizing what these men went through, if you were to one-day capture extraordinary evidence, would you think twice about sharing it?

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