Wednesday, April 24: Bridgeport Makes National News, The Lottery Lawyer, And The East Haven Fire Chief Stops By

Apr 24, 2019, 04:22 PM

Joe Aresimowicz and Matt Ritter are at it again with tolls (0:00), "Only in Bridgeport" - Ernie Newton, Bridgeport City Councilman on to talk about the public spat that made national news (11:55), East Haven Fire Chief Matt Marcarelli talks the need for more firefighters, and his famous brother (Can you hear me now?) (21:14), Lottery Lawyer Jason Kurland on the 24-year-old who won a major jackpot (37:42), and Dr. John in studio to help Flanders the intern with his intense road rage - he punched a guy in the face! (50:06)