"Like a broken mirror, Man Utd's top-knot curse lingers on"

Apr 29, 2019, 04:20 PM

We're previewing the Champions League semi-finals this week, after a little discussion of the Premier League's 'Big Six' and the current crises facing Borussia Dortmund and PSG. To do so, Squawka Talker host Jake Entwistle is joined by Will Hall, Sam Long and Muhammad Butt.

Man Utd 1-1 Chelsea: (00:01:38 - 00:12:49)

"Man Utd are still suffering from the curse of the top knot." 

"All three of Sarri's big Chelsea achievements so far have been tainted."

Can Leicester derail Man City's title run-n? (00:12:49 - 00:21:14)

"Unfortunately for Man City, it's starting to become clear why Rodgers was in such a hurry to leave Celtic.'"

"Man City and Liverpool have turned the Premier League into the southern SPL."

"You could say the Premier League has two of the world's top five goalies... and neither is De Gea."

What to expect from Norwich and Sheffield Utd (00:21:14 - 00:30:20)

"Farke was once being hounded at Norwich."

"Henderson's coming for De Gea's Man Utd spot."

"When robots play football, Marcelo Bielsa will be the greatest manager in the world."

Should PSG replace Tuchel? (00:30:20 - 00:43:32)

"PSG's track record actually suggests Thomas Tuchel is safe for now."

"Once we've all stopped pointing and laughing at PSG, the whole Neymar thing is quite sad."

"PSG's club culture is bringing the worst out of Neymar and Mbappe."

Bundesliga blown for Borussia Dortmund? (00:43:32 - 00:47:25)

"You wonder whether Dortmund could be on course to break Bayern's dominance if not for Reus' red card."

The Champions League semi-finals (00:47:25 - 01:20:26)

"Spurs v Ajax depends on Hugo Lloris"

"It looks like Liverpool's prayers have been answered and Sergio Busquets is going to get 'Ramsey'd'"